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A simple guide to lowering HGV insurance premiums

In an industry that depends so heavily on safety and results, it’s hardly surprising that HGV drivers find themselves looking for the best deals. However, there are a large number of things that ought to be considered before committing to a provider and making this particularly important – and vital – investment. Of course, rushing into a deal could see you paying out more in the long-term if you don’t choose carefully.

In the UK it’s a legal requirement to insurance a vehicle whether it’s for personal use or business. A HGV specialised insurance company such as as a minimum would recommend that to be fully protected and satisfy the terms of a contract drivers take out extra cover such as:

• Goods in transit cover

• Legal protection

• Liability Insurance

• Breakdown cover

Although it may be a legal requirement to have insurance, it’s not illegal to do all you can to reduce premium costs. A number of factors will affect truck insurance premiums and ought to be considered. These include driving records, how old a van or lorry is, the age of the driver, where the driver is based, the places he operates in and, of course, commodities carried by the HGV in question. There’s little you can do about this, though certain things are definitely worth looking into that will help you strike an excellent deal.

The importance of a well-maintained truck leads is paramount in any mission to lower insurance premiums. A small investment in a professional inspection may be all you need to pass all tests you have with flying colours. Much like the Pass Plus system with cars, there are accredited courses for HGVs that you can take to lower your premiums, so long as you check that they would give you a discount with your chosen provider.

Obviously, it is also worth ensuring that you go with a credible insurance company. Look into how many years they have been in the HGV business, as well as the organisation they may be a subsidiary of.

Finally, buying on a month-to-month basis may seem flexible, but if you can afford to buy the policy outright up front, you could save one or maybe even two full months of insurance costs for your commitment.

Whatever you do, you must give honest answers to any questions levelled at you when you broker a deal with an insurer – your insurance deal could be null and void if you don’t, and that could be the biggest waste of money of all!




DSX oil additive improves fuel consumption by 10% on average

A new range of products have been launched on the UK and Irish markets that have been shown over many years of use in the USA, to improve fuel consumption by an average of 10 per cent. The products were originally developed for the US military in the early 90’s and have been used extensively in the US trucking and courier industries for many years, as well as law enforcement and government agencies including the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coastguard, U.S. Customs Service and the FBI. Continue reading