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Trade Association drives up standards

The trade association for the oil distribution industry FPS (Federation of Petroleum Suppliers) is offering new training programmes for tanker drivers in 2014 and now provides a complete ‘one stop shop’ driver training service.Mark Askew small

“For 2014 we’ve introduced additional training packages for drivers that are all industry specific, tailored to the individual’s needs, and from only £43 per employee,” says FPS Chief Executive Mark Askew

“FPS now offers all the training tanker drivers need, including CPC, ADR and PDP training, making it easier and more cost effective for oil distribution companies to ensure their drivers are trained to the highest standard and continue to drive in the safest possible way.”

To comply with the law, oil tanker drivers need to regularly undertake training.

Mark Askew adds: “The European Parliament made training for LGV and HGV drivers compulsory from 9 September 2009, although drivers have so-called “grandfather rights” until 9 September 2014. After this date, drivers need to have completed the relevant training in order to continue driving.

“Companies can choose what training course is best for their drivers, which means keeping costs low while maintaining high standards.

“We offer a Platinum Package, which includes full scheduling and delivery of ADR, CPC and PDP refresher training for only £160 per driver per year, over a 5 year period.

“Or we can provide a 2-day ADR refresher course that includes CPC and PDP, for just £275; and a 1-day interim CPC/PDP course from as little as £43. Companies can even register their own PDP driver assessors via the FPS and cut out the cost and trouble of registering as PDP training centres”

“Staying safe and competent on the roads is now far easier and more affordable too, as there are various ways drivers can complete their training – this ensures oil distribution companies are not only up-to-date but they can do this in a way that works best for them and their drivers, be that an intensive course of 5 full days or a modular course that spreads the training out.

“All our training courses are delivered to the highest industry standard and are flexible to meet each driver’s needs.”

To find out more about FPS and its driver assessment training service, visit or contact Keith Ashton on 01565 631313 or email [email protected]



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