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Truck accident statistics highlight need for winter tyres

October 20, 2011

Almost 600 accidents involving heavy goods vehicles (HGV) in Great Britain last year were due to snow or ice, latest Government statistics have revealed. A total of 338 rigid HGV accidents were attributed to snow or ice on the roads, while 230 articulated HGVs were involved in accidents under similar conditions.

The Department for Transport statistics, issued as part of the Road Accidents and Safety Annual Report 2010, underline the risk that winter conditions pose to fleets during the colder months, especially as the first snow has already fallen in the UK this winter. Tyre manufacturer Michelin has chosen to remind truck fleets that the threat of disruption can be reduced if the right tyres are fitted to their vehicles.

The XDW Ice Grip heads a family of specialist truck tyres offered by Michelin for use in challenging winter conditions. Popular on trucks in the Nordic markets and parts of mainland Europe, the XDW Ice Grip is being introduced to the UK for the first time this winter, and offers excellent traction and braking on low grip surfaces.

Alternatively, Michelin also offers truck operators a choice between two all- season M+S rated drive axle tyres, including the XDN2 Grip for fleets preferring a high-grip drive axle fitment. The XDN2 Grip is currently the most popular new Michelin drive-axle fitment on the UK replacement market. Alternatively, the X MultiWay 3D XDE – a drive axle tyre which offers good all-round performance in difficult climatic conditions – can be fitted. Any Michelin tyre marked with ‘M+S’ has its tread and compound designed in such a way that driving performance on mud and snow is better than with standard tyres.

Martin Covington, Michelin’s Head of Truck and Earthmover Marketing, says: “With winter almost upon us, hauliers and own-account operators should already be thinking about how to keep their vehicles moving in the event of snow and ice. These statistics highlight the chaos that winter can cause, particularly when you consider that accidents can lead to possible vehicle damage, resulting in avoidable cost and downtime – not to mention possible injury to drivers and other road users.

“Michelin offers a number of solutions to ensure that commercial vehicles are kept as safe as possible, no matter what road conditions they encounter. Fleets should also remember that maintaining tyres at the correct pressures, based on tyre manufacturers’ recommendations, can also significantly improve traction & braking,” he adds.

The XDW Ice Grip is a dedicated winter drive axle tyre which benefits from improved grip in the severe winter conditions thanks to 2,000+ bi-directional sipes and optimised tread rubber. The XDN2 Grip is an ‘M+S’ marked drive axle tyre and benefits from up to 30 per cent more grip in wet or slippery conditions and up to 15 per cent more grip in snow and ice.

The X MultiWay 3D XDE is also an ‘M+S’ marked drive axle tyre which offers improved grip and reduced braking distance **. For more information on the Road Accidents and Safety Annual Report 2010 visit: For further advice on this and any other tyre-related issues, commercial vehicle operators can visit and ‘Ask the Michelin Man’.

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