HGV industry faces driver shortage challenge

Alarming figures for the transport and logistics industry have been revealed through a survey about Driver Certificate of Professional Competence training carried out by Milestone Operations.Milestone

The recruitment business that specialises in finding temporary and permanent jobs for professionals in the transport sector discovered that more than one quarter of its drivers are likely to leave the industry over the course of the next decade because of retirement and career change.

The study was conducted last November on a diverse national sample of more than 3,000 HGV drivers who work full and part-time. Its purpose was to assess Milestone’s workforce progress with the new CPCtraining. It was found that 8% of employees did not have any intention of taking CPC training, which needs to be completed by September 2014 under the latest legislation. The main reasons why drivers decided not to do the training were cost (42%) and career change (42%).

The survey also shown that 9% of commissioned drivers are over 61 and a further 10% are 56 to 60 years old. This data suggests that 26% of drivers will not be working in the sector by 2023, generating great driver shortage in England.

The North East will be the most affected region by the lack of professionals, with 12% of drivers working in this area not planning to start the training. In contrast, in the South East 100% of drivers will be completing their training on time. This means that demand for drivers will be stronger in the North East as soon as next year.

Initiatives that aim to drive new staff to the industry are urgently needed. HGV drivers recruitment needs to almost double in order to counterweight predicted shortages and prospective economic recovery that will increase demand.




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